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British journalist Robert Whymant, who died tragically in the Asian tsunami of 2004, was a Tokyo correspondent of the Guardian, Daily Telegraph and the Times, and author of an acclaimed biography of Soviet master spy Richard Sorge. Each year a dinner is held in London in his memory. This year’s brought together four Tokyo colleagues of Whymant – Bill Emmott and Hugh Sandeman (both ex-Tokyo correspondents of the Economist), William Horsley (ex-BBC) and Peter McGill (ex-the Observer) – as well as Mainichi Shimbun European bureau chief Takayasu Ogura, Japan fund manager and writer Peter Tasker, author Justin Wintle, and head of the Commonwealth Journalists Association Rita Payne. Clockwise from left are Wintle, Sandeman, Ogura, McGill, Horsley, Tasker, Emmott and Payne.

   Peter McGill

Published in: April 2015

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