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A photo of SEALDs members at a Club conference shows that the new, larger banner also extends behind groups

The Club has a new press-conference backdrop. The old one was past its use-by date (with more-than-frayed edges) and has been gently retired. The new version is the culmination of two years’ effort that started with adapting the pen-and-quill icon (which, nevertheless, remained essentially unchanged). Designed by Number 1 Shimbun art director Andrew Pothecary, the new backdrop features a repeated pattern of the Club’s full name – in English and Japanese – and the pen-and-quill with the abbreviated “FCCJ” that is becoming more of the Club’s “brand.” Former president Lucy Birmingham oversaw its making. Daisuke Katogi of Tsutaya printers undertook the job of stitching the banner – and, in fact, was the man who had stitched the previous one.




The Nov. 18 launch of a new program series, “Startups Meet the Press,” featured an very impressive first guest: Mark Makdad (right), co-founder of Moneytree, which was named Japan App Store’s Best of 2013 and 2014. The startup, with its development of an app capable of providing users with a comprehensive look at personal finances, has created waves in the finance industry and convinced three of Japan’s megabanks to join in an unprecedented simultaneous investment program. This program will feature leaders in the startup sector, giving journalist members exclusive face-to-face access with some very unique industry figures. Watch the events schedule on the website for upcoming speakers.




The gathering pictured here and officiated by two Shinto priests is the Jichinsai, or groundbreaking ceremony, for the new Mitsubishi building that will be the next home for the FCCJ. More than 100 people were invited to the event, which began promptly at 10:00 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2015. FCCJ General Manager Tomohiko Yanagi attended the event. First Vice President Peter Langan also attended as FCCJ President Suvendrini Kakuchi was out of the country.


Published in: December 2015

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