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JONATHAN DEHART currently serves as an editor and content manager for Mergermarket, a global M&A newswire, and writes freelance about culture and social trends around Asia. He has been a journalist for both print and online media in Shanghai, and served as a Tokyo-based associate editor for The Diplomat, a webzine focused on the current affairs, society and culture of the Asia-Pacific. He continues to serve as a correspondent for The Diplomat, among other publications. He also interprets social and cultural trends in Asia for leading behavioral insights and cultural consulting agencies.


is a freelance, Tokyo-based journalist. She earned a master’s degree in Science and Environmental Reporting from NYU and a bachelor’s degree, with departmental honors, from the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked as a staff producer for PBS, CNN, ABC and Al Jazeera America. She was also a writer for two news analysis programs: “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” and “The War Room with Jennifer Granholm.” Her stories on Japan and the U.S. have appeared in print publications including the Washington Post, Newsweek, Popular Science, Vox, the New York Daily News and Newsday and her radio stories have run on the BBC. Stories she’s worked on have earned an Overseas Press Club Award, an Emmy Award and an Excellence in Health Care Journalism Award. She also received an East-West Center Fellowship to Japan and the UN Foundation Journalism Fellowship.

Florian Kohlbacher, Economist Group
Shirley Yung, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office
Kazunori Azeyanagi, Dentsu Public Relations Inc.
Taro Tokuoka, Solid Corporation

Isao Saito, U & IHR Consulting


New in the Library

Tokyo Vice: Un journaliste américain sur le
terrain de la police japonaise

Jake Adelstein; Cyril Gay (trans.)
Gift from Jake Adelstein


Dissenting Japan: A History of
Japanese Radicalism and Counterculture
from 1945 to Fukushima

William Andrews
C. Hurst & Co.
Gift from C. Hurst & Co. Ltd.


Le comte des nuages: Masanao Abe face
au mont Fuji

Yoshiaki Nishino (edit.)
Musée de l'Université de Tokyo
Gift from Masami Abe


Japanese Death Poems: Written by
Zen Monks and Haiku Poets on the
Verge of Death

Yoel Hoffmann (comp.)
Tuttle Publishing


The Company and the Shogun: The Dutch
Encounter With Tokugawa Japan

Adam Clulow
Columbia University Press


Japan Restored: How Japan Can Reinvent
Itself and Why This Is Important for America

and the World

Clyde Prestowitz
Tuttle Publishing


Hijikata Tatsumi and
Butoh: Dancing in a Pool
of Gray Grits

Bruce Baird
Palgrave Macmillan


A Career of Japan:
Baron Raimund Von Stillfried and Early
Yokohama Photography

Luke Gartlan


Zen Poems of China & Japan:
The Crane’s Bill

Lucien Stryk (trans.);
Takashi Ikemoto (trans.); Taigan Takayama (assisnt.)
Grove Press


Published in: September 2016

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