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Number 1 Shimbun

Exhibition: Some Day, Going Back Home -- Syrian Refugee Children



photographs by Natsuki Yasuda


NATSUKI YASUDA IS CURRENTLY documenting the tragic plight of the refugees of the Syrian civil war. Since it began in 2011, the worsening conflict in Syria has forced 9.5 million people – around half the population – to leave their homes. Over three million of these displaced people have been forced to leave Syria, including over 600,000 who have sought refuge in Jordan. These photographs are windows into the lives of the people there.

While at high school, Natsuki Yasuda went to Cambodia on an NGO program to document projects for young people. Now a professional photojournalist, she reports from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Japan. Since the Tohoku earthquake her main base has been Rikuzentakata, from where she has documented developments in the disaster-hit area. In 2012 she won the eighth Younosuke Natori Photography Award for her work on Uganda’s HIV-AIDS orphans.




Published in: January 2017

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