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SARAH BIRKE is the Economist’s Tokyo Bureau Chief, covering Japanese politics, society and business. Prior to this she covered the Middle East and North Africa, first as the regional correspondent and then as Bureau Chief, reporting on some 20 countries. A specialist in Syria, she has lived in Damascus, Beirut and Cairo. Prior to joining the Economist, she wrote for a range of publications including the Wall Street Journal and the Times (London). She has also contributed to the New York Review of Books, London Review of Books and the New Republic. Sarah also lived in Italy for two years and spent time wandering Liberia in West Africa. She speaks Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish.


ADRIANA DIAZ is Asia correspondent for CBS News. Adriana attended Princeton University and received her Master’s from Columbia University and France’s Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. Before joining CBS News in 2012, Adriana reported for the in-school news program Channel One News and hosted Yahoo’s “Trending Now” web show. For CBS, she’s reported from the U.S. Midwest, China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Laos. Adriana has also covered Pope Francis’ visits to Brazil in 2013, Israel and Palestine in 2014, Cuba in 2015, and Mexico in 2016, as well as the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. She is from New York City and speaks Mandarin, Spanish, and French.


PEI-FANG TSAI is the Tokyo correspondent for Taiwan’s United Daily News Group. She graduated with a degree in Journalism from National Chengchi University and a Masters in Political Science from National Taiwan University, before starting as a reporter for GTV News in 2003. She then moved to BCC News from 2005 to 2007 before taking a position as Senior Reporter for United News Daily. She believes strongly in the media’s role as a watchdog for the public’s interest and has been recognized with several distinguished journalism awards in Taiwan.


Fumiyo Harimoto, OOCL Ltd.
Takatoshi Horikoshi, 3 Top Co., Ltd.
Tazuko Ikeda, Suntory Holdings Limited
Takayuki Yamada, Kanamecho Hospital

Arseny Chuk Besher, GREE, Inc.
Fumio Ishida, (No affilication)


New in the Library

Japanese Girl at the Siege of
Changchun: How I Survived China’s
Wartime Atrocity
Homare Endo; Michael Brase (trans.)
Stone Bridge Press
Gift from Center for International Relations, Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare


Anjin - The Life & Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564-1620: As Seen Through Japanese Eyes
Hiromi T. Rogers
Renaissance Books
Gift from Hiromi T. Rogers


Tokyo: A Biography: Disasters,
Destruction and Renewal
The Story of an Indomitable City
Stephen Mansfield
Tuttle Publishing
Gift from Stephen Mansfield


Promoting Better Lifetime Planning
Through Financial Education
Naoyuki Yoshino (ed.); Flore-Anne Messy (ed.); Peter J. Morgan (ed.)
World Scientific
Gift from Suvendrini Kakuchi


Dare ga tosei o koroshitaka
Takashi Uesugi
SB Creative
Gift from Takashi Uesugi


Nihon kaigi o meguru yottsu no taiwa
Tamotsu Sugano; Satoshi Shirai; Masakuni Murakami; Kohei Yokoyama; Akira Uozumi
K&K Press
Gift from K&K Press


Kurosawa’s Rashomon: A Vanished City,
a Lost Brother, and the Voice Inside His Iconic Films
Paul Anderer
Pegasus Books


Are You an Echo?: The Lost Poetry of
Misuzu Kaneko
Misuzu Kaneko (poems); Toshikado Hajiri (illus.);
David Jacobson (narrative);
Sally Ito and Michiko Tsuboi (trans. and editorial contributions)

Published in: March 2017

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