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Number 1 Shimbun

Exhibition: Funky Days - Portraits of Everyday Life Photographs by Yoshi Itokawa

No1-2017-09 Funky Days

Exhibition: Funky Days - Portraits of Everyday Life Photographs by Yoshi Itokawa

I AIM TO PHOTOGRAPH the joy of life! If i could listen to the heartbeat of the person standing in front of the camera, synchronizing my breathing with theirs, and discover new possibilities that provide mutual stimulation, wouldn’t that be great?!

Yoshi Otokawa has been photographing the city of Osaka and its people since 1980. He was active in new music and the theatre during the latter-half of the 1960s and he became an independent filmmaker from 1980, producing documentaries such as Tokyo Dancing! Africa and Lemon Soap. Otakawa's work has appeared in many magazines, has been published in several photo books and he has had exhibition, mainly in live music clubs for many years.

Published in: September 2017

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