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Regular Members
Emiko Jozuka, CNN
Takayuki Kasuya, Nippon Television Network Corporation

Associate Members
Isao Suzuki, PRAP Japan, Inc.
Takayoshi Sato, PRAP Japan, Inc.
Akira Sato, LINCCS Japan
Ikuo Yasuda, Pinnacle Inc.
Takenari Yamamoto, S&P Global Ratings Japan Inc.

Reinstatement (Associate)
Isao Saito, U & IHR Consulting


No1-2017-10 JozukaEmiko

Biography of Ms. Emiko Jozuka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ):


Emiko Jozuka is a Digital Producer at CNN International in Hong Kong. Before CNN, she covered business, culture, technology and science at WIRED magazine then VICE Motherboard where she produced video and launched one column on Japan and another on the intersections of technology and development.

From 2010 to 2012, she lived in Istanbul, Turkey, where she worked for the Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review contributing articles and video. In 2011, she freelanced from the predominantly Kurdish region of southeast Turkey, covering the Kurdish issue as well as other cultural, human rights and environmental topics. Emiko also wrote on the repercussions of the conflict in Syria from along the Turkish-Syrian border. Outside of journalism, she worked as a script developer and production staff in the indie Kurdish film scene.

Emiko was born in Japan but educated in the UK. She has a degree in French, Spanish and Portuguese (language, literature and film) from Cambridge University and a masters degree in anthropology from Oxford University. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Turkish, and proficient in Japanese.


No1-2017-10 Kasuya

Biography of Mr. Takayuki Kasuya,


Board Director, Operating Officer,
Chief Commentator, News
Nippon Television Network Corporation

1960: From Tokyo
1983: Graduated from Waseda University and joined NTV
1998: London bureau director, cover Blair's regime and Kosovo conflict etc.
2003: Managing Director, Political news department
2010: Executive Commentator, News, appear on "news every", "NEWS ZERO" etc.
2012: Divisional President, News
2015: Operation Officer, Divisional President, Media strategy planning and Development
2016: Board Director, Operation Officer, Chief Commentator, News.
Exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Published in: October 2017

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