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Number 1 Shimbun

Exhibition: "Glitter and Sparkle"


No1-2017-10 Exhibit

Exhibition: "Glitter and Sparkle"

As a child, looking up in the sky, saw an ocean full of stars, amazed by the size of the universe, but still couldn't reach out to pick a single twinkling object to fill my pocket.

I couldn't forget the beauty of the night, glaring in the sky.
I soon realized that realistically, I could put the stars in my pocket if I take a photo and keep the beautiful images everlasting.

I photo both the heavenly images and the scenery simultaneously and display "Glitter and Sparkle".

"Glitter and Sparkle" are pure and naive actions of emotions.
I know that feelings are all different with one another, but I wanted to created these photos hoping that viewers bring back their childhood memories of excitements which we've all forgotten.

Luminous Kazuhiko Sato
born January 7th, 1972

As a child, I was interested in music and photo.
Since 19, I have been actively making video footage and I'm still doing it for a living.
3 years ago, I encountered a traffic accident, almost losing my life and since then, a strong feeling flooded me of recreating what I saw in my childhood days and express the importance of "Living Who You Are" thus life can be terminated at a snap of finger.

I wanted to share with the public with a theme that "glitter and sparkle can motivate excitement". That is why I chose the Japanese word "Kirameki" to show both the stars and scenery and bringing back the excitement.

Published in: October 2017

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