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Number 1 Shimbun

January 2015



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January, 2015

Tales from the Round Tables: The Disappearing Officer    
From the Archives: The Princess, the Prince and the Model
Charles Pomeroy    

When Otaku Attack: Adventures in Subculture     Matt Alt             

Things that Go Baaaa! 2015 Predictions        FCCJ Members    

Profile: Pio d'Emilia     Gavin Blair      

We are Family: the FCC Hong Kong        
Dan Slater

Two Decades On: The Kobe Earthquake Remembered 
     Eric Johnston 

LDP vs. FCCJ: Behind the Barricades 
David McNeill

Gerald Curtis Makes the Call    Julian Ryall

 From the President    
Lucy Birmingham

Exhibition: Japanese Thatched Houses   Kiyoshi Takai  

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