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Number 1 Shimbun

July 2015



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July, 2015

Tales from the Round Tables:
Crashing the Glass Ceiling

From the Archives:
Iron Ladies

Charles Pomeroy


Taxing Issues
A New Law Targets Savings . . . by Gavin Blair

Just Doing Its Job
Tokyo Shimbun Points to the Truth . . . by David McNeill    

Profile: Shig Fujita 
The Legendary Entertainment Columnist . . . by Charles Pomeroy     

An Extraordinary Life 
The Life & Times of Ichiro Urushibara . . . by Mary Corbett

Kazuo Shii and the Logic of the "War Bills"
The JCP President Speaks Out . . . by Michael Penn

Born to Be a Saké Maker
by Suvendrini Kakuchi

From the President   
James Simms

Exhibition: "Oyako (Parents & Children)" by Bruce Osborn    

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