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Number 1 Shimbun

September 2015



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September, 2015

Tales from the Round Tables:
Bare Breasts, the Prince and the Chindonya  

From the Archives: Japan's Donald Trump
Charles Pomeroy


Who Needs Yasukuni?
Shinzo Abe switches shrines . . . by Michael Cucek

Parsing the Prime Minister
Abe's Speech was a Balancing Act    

Profile: Daniel Eskenazi
by Tyler Rothmar     

Asian Sports That Should be in the 2020 Olympics
A lineup . . . by Todd Crowell

What's Ahead for the Financial Times?
The FT's future is in Nikkei's hands . . . by Justin McCurry

My Lawsuit vs. the National Diet Press Club
A matter of access . . . by Hajime Shiraishi

Exhibition: Board Shorts
by Yusuke Hanai

From the President   
James Simms    

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