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Number 1 Shimbun

March 2016



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March 2016
From the Archives:
Sadako Ogata, Humanist Extraordinaire

by Charles Pomeroy

Collections: Fukushima by the Numbers

Life Behind Walls
How massive slabs of concrete affect Tohoku communities . . . by Sonja Blaschke

Return of a Perilous Beauty
The state of reconstruction as seen by a local resident . . . by Charles Pomeroy

Is Coal the Answer to Japan's Nuclear Aversion?
 What's behind the mad rush to old fuel . . . by Gavin Blair

When the Big One Comes
Tokyo's earthquake manual . . . by Geoff Tudor

 Fukushima Students Turn to Science, Shun Hysteria
Kids take research into their own hands . . . by Julian Ryall

 Profile: Shiuan Sheng Fang
by Suvendrini Kakuchi


Exhibition: Road to Recovery, Five Years & Counting
by Shinpei Kikuchi



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