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october exhibition 


TSUKIJI Fish Market
Shun KATO Photo Exhibition
FCCJ Main Bar
Oct. 01 - Nov.04

Even the sun is incapable of withstanding the passage of time, sinking at the end of each day, and likewise, things with character are helpless to resist the passage of years. The Tsukiji Fish Market is an example of this and despite the various problems involved in its relocation, its existence at its present site is finally drawing to an end after a period of 80 years. The people who work there are renowned for their high-spirits and energy, imbuing each fleeting moment with a unique charm. Will the market be able to retain the same atmosphere after moving to its new site in Toyosu? I believe the ambience of the place is something to be treasured. Tokyo’s new governor has postponed relocation until after February 2017 and in order to cherish the valuable time that remains, I intend to use my camera to capture every small drama in Tsukiji Market as it occurs.

Shun KATO photojournalist
Born in Gifu Prefecture, 1992, he became fascinated with photography while studying at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences and after graduation he joined Jiji Press. The majority of his work is in black-and-white and features people. His most famous series is ‘The Fishermen of Okushiri Island’ and it was this work on Okushiri that led him to Tsukiji Market. Having experienced life among the fishermen on the island he became interested in what happened to the fish they caught and this resulted in his first visit to the market in Tsukiji.

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