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2016 july exhibition 

July 2 - Aug.5 2016 / FCCJ Main Bar

Water is everything; it is where it all starts.

The origin of everything that exists in the world that stretches beneath our feet. Something that is never still, that is forever changing its form. Exhibition features various expressions of nature, along with the rich individuality of human life and the diversity of cultures. Showing beautiful moments and unalterable truths happening in the world. Feel the pulse of the Earth where nature and mankind coexist.

Rai SHIZUNO - Photographer - CEO of CINEMA CARAVAN

Rai loves to place himself in nature, exploring its essence through photography and communicating with people. His photos are published in various magazines including Wingspan, ANA's inflight magazine, and seen in advertisements for Ron Herman and other clients. Other work includes photographing the 'WAVEMENT'trip on Rokkasho nuclear waste reprocessing plant, documenting the French equestrian theatre, 'Zingaro', and collaborating with the contemporary artist Takashi KURIBAYASHI on the theme of 'Borders' for his 'Yatai Trip' project.

The Exhibitions Committee 



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