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201710 exhibition

Luminous Starts in the Glittering Sky

Photo exhibition by Kazuhiko Sato
Sept. 30 - Nov. 3, 2017 FCCJ Main Bar

As a child, looking up in the sky at night and seeing an ocean full of stars, I was amazed by the size of the universe. I wanted to reach out and put these twinkling objects in my pocket. I never forgot the beauty of the nighttime sky and realized that I could catch these sparkles with my camera. In my photographs, I include the land below to show both "Glitter and Sparkle". I know there is a difference between the sparkle in the heavenly sky and the glitter found on earth, however both touch on childhood memories of wonderment that are all but forgotten as we become adults.

"Luminous" Kazuhiko Sato
I have been interested in music and photography since I was young and have been actively working in video since I was nineteen. Three years ago, I almost lost my life as a result of traffic accident and realized that life can be terminated at a snap of finger. Since then, I was flooded with a strong desire to recreate images I remembered from my childhood to express the importance of "Living Who You Are".

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