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2016 august exhibition 


"KAO" Project
Photography exhibition by Shintaro SHIRATORI
Aug. 8 - Sept. 2, 2016 FCCJ Main Bar

Following the ending of World War II, the nation rose from the ashes of a devastating defeat. The Dankai (Baby Boomer) generation contributed greatly to the country's newfound prosperity. They are now in their late 60's and facing the retirement. However, this generation, which produced so many professionals in various fields of the Arts, Science, and Culture, are still taking vital part in our society. I asked myself, "What did these Experts envisage for the hereafter?" and "How are they going to connect hitherto to the hereafter?" As I am also a member of this generation, I wished to photograph them and listen to their visions. Their faces overwhelmingly communicated not only their vitality and fascination, but also their enthusiasm for the future and determination to contribute for the good of the society. I sincerely hope that the messages from the KAO Project will inspire people think more positively.

Shintaro Shiratori was born in Nagano Prefecture. In 1971 he joined Shiseido Photographic Studio and later became a member of the photography department at Hakuhodo Inc. In 1983, he established Shiratori Photo Studio and is recognized as one of the top commercial photographers in Japan. Shiratori has received numerous awards for his photography including The ADC Prize, Asahi Advertising Grand Prize, Yomiuri Advertising Gold Prize, Mainichi Advertising Class Awards, Fuji Sankei Advertising Superior Prize, APA Trade and Industry Prize, and Nikkei Advertising Awards' Grand Prize. Recently he published KAO II whose portraits are the subject of this month's exhibition.

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