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201808 exhibition 

DOUDOU BEACH -------Poetry of Sand-------

Aug. 4 - 31, 2018

The Enshunada coastline on the Pacific Ocean (stretching approximately 110km. from Omaezaki in Shizuoka Prefecture to Irago Cape on the tip of the Atsumi Peninsular in Aichi Prefecture) includes several areas of sand dunes. Strong winds,tidal currents and rough seas wash up the rock and sand that has been deposited by the Tenryugawa River to create sand dunes. The Nakatajima sand dunes are the most famous of these, but there are other small areas of sand dunes dotted along the coast. The Doudou sand dunes on the Atsumi peninsular are one example of these and cover an area of approximately 80 meters by 120 meters. The mountains behind the beach comprise of clay soil and over the years, they have gradually eroded, the clay and sand creating strata within the sand dunes. This causes the surface to dry at different speeds, creating surrealistic, mysterious designs in the surface, presenting elements that resemble contemporary art but surpass human imagination. However, these great works, produced by the got of creativity, disappear in the course of a single night so I try to capture the momentary, once-in-a lifetime images of the "drama of sand" on film.

1941 Born in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
1963 Graduated from the Economics Department of Aichi University.
(Had been active in the photographic club while in university)
Worked in a financial institution before becoming a freelance photographer in 1966.
Published several series of work in magazines and newspapers while also acting as a judge for numerous photographic magazines.
1999 Received the Toyohashi Culture Award.
2003 Exhibited works at the '3rd World Water Forum' in Kyoto
Currently lecturer at the NHK Culture Center (1981-) and Aichi University Open College.
Member of Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS)
Solo Exhibitions: Nikon Salon, FUJI Photo Salon, PENTAX Gallery, Kodak Photo Salon, Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History, etc.
Publications: over 30 books including "Photo Salon: The Coloring of the Seasons" (Genkosha) "Walking in the Rain" (Shogakukan) and "Seasonal Flowers" (Chunichi Shinbun)

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