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september exhibition 

Photo exhibition by Sachi Murai
Sept. 3 - Sept. 30 Main Bar

Welcome to the world of FantaSea.
An abundance of beautiful colors exist beneath the ocean's surface.
I chose these artworks to introduce the enchanting life found in the oceans of Japan.
The scenery might seem unreal, but they are truthfully there.
The fantastic colorful underwater world is there waiting for you to see.

Our Earth is beautiful.
I believe if more people appreciate the wonders of nature, there will be more smiling faces filling the earth.
I hope you enjoy this promenade through the "FantaSea".

Sachi Murai was a diving instructor on a small island in Okinawa before turning to photography.
He balances time between photography, writing essays, and talkshows.
Murai's primary goal is to make people happy through his photos.
His images are significant as they are taken at the precise moment when feelings get in sync with the scenery.
Locations vary from underwater to dry land, taking larger than life macros to wide landscapes, as he shuttles from different places around the globe.


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