Support the FCCJ

The FCCJ is a Japanese public interest corporation (koeki shadan hojin), serving the public interest by promoting freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and free exchange of information between journalists and non-journalists.

As a public interest corporation the FCCJ can accept donations from individuals and organizations wishing to support its public interest work.

Donations can be made in a tax-beneficial manner in Japan.

It is also possible for donors based in the United States, Australia or Hong Kong to give to the FCCJ through Give2Asia and claim tax benefits in those countries for doing so.

Donations may be monetary or in-kind. Donors may designate specific projects they wish to support or their gifts will be put into the “21 Century Fund”, which is being used especially for technology and infrastructure upgrades and expenses related to recovery from damage wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

All substantial donations are acknowledged in accordance with the club’s Rules for Handling Donations.

Professional Associate and Associate members of the FCCJ who make substantial donations to the club may be excused from paying dues (Bylaws 4-2 and 4-3).

How to give:

In Japan Outside Japan


Donors in Japan may make monetary gifts to the FCCJ via credit card or bank transfer.

For details, please contact:


We recommend that donors outside Japan make their donations through Give2Asia using this form or this link.

If you have questions or require further information, please contact


Acknowledgement of Substantial Donors