A Foreigner’s Cinematic Dream of Japan retells the story of “Japan’s first international export film,” or “[Nazi-]German propaganda played out on Japanese soil.” These are labels given to The New Earth, a narrative film scripted and shot by a binational crew in Japan in 1936. Atarashiki tsuchi and Die Tochter des Samurai, the German title, premiered to much fanfare in Tokyo and Berlin, respectively, in 1937 and now holds a firm place in film history as an exercise in politically motivated propaganda.
In her talk, Iris Haukamp will introduce selected scenes and motifs from the film and set them into the context of 1936. She will talk about the film production itself, a complex and ambitious undertaking, and explain her reasons for re-opening the books and archives on this much-discussed film project in German-Japanese politico-cultural history. She will also detail differences between two versions of the film, one directed by the German director Arnold Fanck and one by his Japanese colleague Mansaku Itami. The two directors clashed over the authenticity of the representation of Japan on screen. Her research sheds light not only on the films themselves, but also on our understanding of the time frame of its production, with both countries on the brink of war.
Iris Haukamp has an academic background in Japanese studies and gender studies, having received her PhD in film and media studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, in 2015. She then moved on to Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS), where she has been teaching classes in Japanese film history, film analysis and film theory, while continuing her research in trans-war co-productions and the filmmaking practices of the early Shōwa period. Her most recent publication is “The Four Lives of Matsugorō the Lawless: Agency, Constraint and What is ‘Worthy’ of Film Censorship in Trans-war Japan,” a chapter in Japanese Visual Media: Politicizing the Screen, edited by Eyal Ben-Ari and Jennifer Coates. 
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