Marunouchi Entrance

Our efficient and friendly reception desk staff are always ready
to provide assistance to busy Members and their guests.

Regular Members can have their mail forwarded to the Club.

The staff will pass on telephone messages and receive faxes for Members (tel: 03 3211-3161
or fax: 03 3211-3168).

They can also arrange for pick-ups by courier services (FedEx, DHL, etc.)


The reception desk also sells FCCJ products:

  • FCCJ MUG 1,000 yen
  • FCCJ PEN  350 yen
  • FCCJ PIN  2,300 yen
  • CLEAR FILE 100 yen
  • TENUGUI  1,200 yen

The FCCJ's published history, Foreign Correspondents In Japan – Reporting a Half Century of Upheavals: From 1945 to the Present is available for 2,000 yen.

All prices include Japan's 10% consumption tax.

Rules for the Cloak Counter at the Front Desk
1. All Members and their guests are required to pick up all of their items left at the cloak counter at the end of each day.

2. The Club does not accept any cash or valuable belongings for safekeeping. The Club is NOT responsible for loss of, or damage to any belongings left by Members or their guests.

3. All belongings left at the cloak counter can only be retrieved upon showing the numbered tag which was given by the cloak staff when those belongings were left.
If the tags have been lost, your belongings can be retrieved after all other Members and guests have left the Club premises at the end of the business day.

4. Any unretrieved belongings will be disposed of, unless picked up within three days from when they were left at the cloak counter.