The Library stocks a wide variety of resources on Japan and Asia including DVDs, books, newspapers in English and Japanese and English language newspaper clippings on Japan. Real-time news wire services from Reuters, Dow Jones, Kyodo News and Internet access are available.

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The Library office is open Monday to Friday 10:30-19:00. The office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese National Holidays.


The Narain Workroom has 18 work booths with wired and wireless Internet access for your laptop and 3 telephone booths. It is accessible to regular and guest members 24 hours a day, all year round because FCCJ is where the news is made.


The following major news resources are available in the library (as of December 2020):



Nikkei Telecom

Wire Services

Kyodo News (English) / Jiji News (English) / Reuters

The databases may only be accessible on site (No remote access available).

Newspapers (English language) in alphabetical order

Guardian Weekly / Financial Times / International New York Times / Japan News (by the Yomiuri Shimbun) / The Japan Times / The Korea Herald / Stars and Stripes / The Wall Street Journal

Newspapers (Japanese language) in alphabetical order

Asahi Shimbun (朝日新聞) / Fuji Sankei Business i (フジサンケイ ビジネスアイ) Mainichi Shimbun(毎日新聞) / Nihon Keizai Shimbun (日本経済新聞) / Nikkan Gendai (日刊ゲンダイ) / Nikkei Veritas (日経ヴェリタス) / Sankei Shimbun(産経新聞) / Shimbun Akahata (しんぶん赤旗) / Toitsu Nippo (=One Korea Daily News / 統一日報) / Tokyo Shimbun (東京新聞) / Yomiuri Shimbun(読売新聞) / Yukan Fuji (夕刊フジ)

Newspaper (French language)

Le Monde (only available online)

Magazines and Periodicals

Approximately 60 English language titles including:

The Atlantic / Bloomberg Businessweek / The Christian Science Monitor / The Economist / Fixed Ops Journal (Automotive News) / Foreign Affairs / Foreign Policy / GRANTA / Harper’s / Harvard Business Review / Mother Jones / National Geographic / The New Yorker / Private Eye / Prospect/ Spectator / TIME / Vanity Fair / Vogue / Writer’s Digest / WIRED

Approximately 60 Japanese language titles including;

AERA / サンデー毎日 / 週刊朝日 / 週刊現代 / 週刊新潮 / 週刊文春 / 週刊ポスト / 東洋経済 / 日経ビジネス / エコノミスト/ プレジデント/ 文芸春秋 / 中央公論 / 世界 / 財界 / 選択 / FACTA / リベラルタイム / ZAITEN / サイゾー / フライデー/ 週刊金曜日

1 French language title: Le Nouvel Observateur

Online publications

Jacobin / NK News / Spiegel Digital (German language) / / Jstor