Mari Miura Ph.D
Professor of Political Science, Sophia University, Tokyo
08:00 – 09:15 a.m., Tuesday February 26, 2019

The Japanese Gender Parity Law enacted in 2018 and its implications

“Womenomics” to strengthen the active involvement of Women in Japan’s society undoubtedly continues to be one of the main pillars of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s “Abenomics” policy framework for the economic development of the country although the initial target of having Women occupy 30% of Management and Leadership positions was considered to be rather ambitious from the beginning. However, according to the Gender Gap Index published by the, Word Economic Forum, Japan in terms of the Gender Equality in recent years continues to oscillate between 110 and 114 in the world ranking among the listed 149 countries. Question: How can PM Abe’s “Womenomics” be pulled back on track?
There is possibly no person better suited to answer this question than Professor Miura who has followed and supported the position of Women in Japan’s society for close to 20 years and can give us some insight in the very diversified aspects connected with this problem. What must be of special interest to the audience in Japan certainly includes Gender Equality Policy, successful Women Role Models, Political Participation of Women, Gender Discrimination in University Education and, last but not least, solutions for Japan’s shrinking population.
Professor Mari Miura, after completing her studies at the Faculty of Law of Keio University where she graduated as Bachelor of Law in March 1993, moved on to the University of California-Berkeley where she obtained her Master Degree in Political Science in 1994 and her Ph.D. in 2002. Among her many papers, the “Gender Quotas in Comparative Perspectives and Understanding the increase of Women Representatives” is well known. She received the Wilma Rule Award (IPSA Award for the Best Research on Gender and Politics) and was involved as Academic Advisor of the All-partisan Parliamentary Group in the Legislative Process for the enactment of the Gender Parity Law. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of “W-20 Japan 2019” under the motto “Closing the Gender Gap for new Prosperity”.

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日本の社会における女性の積極的な関与を強化するための「ウィメノミクス」は疑いなくこれからも安倍晋三首相による日本の経済発展のための「アベノミクス」政策の枠組みの主要な柱の1つであり続けるでしょう。女性が管理職およびリーダー職の30%を占めるという最初の目標は当初からかなり野心的であると考えられてきました。 しかし世界経済フォ−ラムのジェンダ−・ギャップ指数によると、日本は近年の男女平等の観点から見ると世界149カ国の中で110位から114位の間で変動を続けています。




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