Asa-kai – FCCJ Breakfast Meeting

"Dental Health and Mental Health -- the Missing Link"

Dr. Hideo Kawahara, Dentist
Dr. Akira Uehama, Dentist
Dr. Hiroshi Kawazu, Dentist


(from left to right: Dr. Kawahara, Dr Uehara)

8:00-9:15 Friday, November 15, 2019
(The speech and Q & A will be in Japanese with consecutive interpretation.)

The link between dental health and mental health, especially in people of more mature age, is often overlooked and yet it is a real and important one, as clinical research in Japan and elsewhere has demonstrated.

Three eminent and practicing Japanese dental experts - Hiroshi Kawazu, Hideo Kawahara and Akira Uehama - who are all prominent members of the Japan Academy of Clinical Dentistry will explain the vital link between dental and mental health and present video evidence of its reality.

Their findings show that the link between the simple act of chewing properly and good brain function is more direct than is often realized. Research has demonstrated that restoring good chewing or "masticatory" function can lead to dramatic improvements in cognitive and other mental functions as well as in general health. This is especially true of elderly people but good chewing habits need to be cultivated from an early age.

For a country such as Japan and for many others in and beyond Asia that have rapidly-ageing populations, recognition of the need to tackle age-related conditions has far-reaching medical, social and even financial implications.

According to the Cabinet Office speculations, the number of people aged 65 and over in Japan is likely to rise up to 40% in 2048 and by then there will be more elderly people than children in the population. The current number of elderly 65+ is 27.3%. The social and financial burden of coping with dementia and other age-related conditions are likely to increase accordingly. Doors open for TV crew at 07:30, for all others at 07:45, still cameras included.

Fee: including a breakfast for FCCJ members: 1,600 yen and for *non-FCCJ members: 2,600yen (incl. club entrance fee). Non-members to attend may pay in cash.

Please reserve in advance, 03-3211-3161 or on the website (still & TV cameras inclusive). Reservations cancelled less than 72 hours in advance will be charged in full. Reservations and cancellations are not complete without confirmation. Cancellation should be made by phone call.

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