Paul Sheard, M-RCBG Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

"Key Issues for the Global Economic Outlook"

(The speech and Q & A will be in English)

The global economy is not in good shape, and how things develop in the coming weeks and months will decide whether we emerge into the light of recovery or slide further down toward economic recession.
A truce in US-China trade tensions by no means signals the end of the "war." Fundamental differences remain between the world's two largest economies and trade friction involving those and others have damaged business confidence and investment.

The US economy remains buoyant for now and Wall Street stocks have been trading at all-time highs, while China's economy is holding up fairly well. Political as well as economic developments will decide whether this precarious balance can be maintained, but meanwhile the problems of slowing world trade, weakening global output, record high debt and stretched asset valuations are clouding the outlook.

The economic outlook is obviously critical to the business outlook and the FCCJ is fortunate to have secured an international economist of strong repute to speak on these issues. Paul Sheard is a former Chief Economist and Vice Chairman at S&P Global (Standard & Poor's) in New York and is now M-RCBG Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A former global chief economist at Lehman Brothers and at Nomura Securities in Tokyo and New York, he will discuss among other things the current state of the US economy and outlook for Federal Reserve policy; Brexit and the future of the EU, as a UK general election looms and new leaders take the reins of key European institutions; and Japan's economic outlook.

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