FCCJ Concert by Leading Flutist, Hisako Yoshikawa with Chiho Akaishi (Pianist)

Wednesday, October 11, 2023, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm (Door opens at 6:15pm)

Hisako Yoshikawa, a leading flutist whose performance at the FCCJ a few years ago drew the hearts of members, will grace the Club again bringing her warm entertaining style marked with quality performance.
This concert will showcase her music for children in Sri Lanka at a cultural exchange program to introduce Japan and her compositions of famous Japanese melodies. Sri Lanka has a long history with Western music but exposure to Japanese melodies and classical pieces performed by professional players is still growing.

Yoshikawa`s music that was performed with explanation and created for foreign understand,
At the FCCJ she will also play her rendering of Japanese classical music –Sakura-Sakura and leading music for the internationally popular Oshiin television drama composed by Koichi Sakata.

Please come and join us for this interesting and informative concert.
Tickets for the event, including Dinner and one drink, are 11,000 yen.
Get your reservation in early! Sign-up sheets will soon be full, so please make a reservation as soon as possible by phone 03 3211 3161 to the front desk or online. https://www.fccj.or.jp
Cancellations within 48 hours will result in a full charge.

Hisako Yoshikawa (Japan)

Hisako Yoshikawa is one of the most famous flute players in Japan. She played many kinds of works gracefully, and the tones of her flute are often described as poetical. She made her debut from Nippon Columbia and has released a lot of CDs. Hisako has played with a lot of famous orchestras and musicians including Czech Philharmonic Octet, Zagreb Quartet, Jozsef Eotvos (guitar), and has also performed overseas.  Hisako has also given concerts which serve as the economic and cultural exchange with countries of APEC, China, Qingdao, and Republic of Serbia.The maternity concerts which give expectant mothers relaxing time have been brought to attention and now 500,000 babies-to-be have heard the tones of her flute. She also played in front of Princess Akishino Kiko in 1993, Prince and Princess Akishino in 2014.
She also began giving the benefit concerts under the theme of “anima”, “bond”, and “life” in 2017, which are still under sail.Her performance had been used for departure melody at JR Kamakura Station for 3years since 2014, which received publicity as the world’s first project of the kind.
In 2017, her CD “Sakura” got showcased in all the airplanes of Japan Airlines during their international flights.  In these days, Hisako released a lot of pieces of her own composing.
She also writes essays and gives lectures at Universities.
Hisako is a member of the Japan P.E.N. Club, the Kamakura P.E.N Club and has published the collected essays from Shinjinbutsuorai-sya.


The Entertainment Committee


FCCJ コンサート: スリランカ公演を終えて
フルート奏者・吉川久子、赤石千穂 (ピアニスト)

2023年10月11日(水) 18:30‐21:00 (開場18:15)





料金: 11,000円 ディナー、飲み物1杯付(税込)
満席が予想されますので、お申し込みは今すぐ電話でフロントへ 03 3211 3161またはOn-lineでどうぞ。https://www.fccj.or.jp