Japan Traditional Arts Series: An Evening of Bunraku Puppet Theater

Featuring a rare excerpt from The White Buddha (1959),
a play about a half-black child struggling for acceptance in postwar Japan

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Bunraku Show: 6:00-7:15pm
Followed by dinner: 7:30pm-
FCCJ Banquet Room

An exciting special Bunraku performance of the 1959 show, The White Buddha, a story of the struggles of a mixed-race child in postwar Japan, will be revived at the FCCJ after a lapse of 60 years by top Osaka artists. The evening will also include excerpts from Hidaka River, an ever-popular 1759 classic showing the fury of a woman scorned.

For this event only, the National Bunraku Theatre has given special permission for the performers to use the singular half-black puppet head, a unique work of art carved by a National Living Treasure that has never been seen outside Osaka. This extraordinary show, carrying on the tradition of Bunraku as social commentary, is packaged expressly for the Club and is not to be missed.

The evening will also offer an up-close look at the trinity of narrator, musician and puppeteers. The presentation will include an introduction to the art, demonstrations by each performer, and rare interaction with the puppets.

Bunraku is an Osaka-based art form blending narrative singing with the sensuous sounds of the three-stringed shamisen and an incredible display of puppetry. The shows are epic all-day affairs drawn not only from Japanese history and classics but in many cases straight from the latest news and scandals, often within weeks of the actual event, including some of Japan’s first stage portrayals of commoners and daily life. It is one of the oldest continuing theatrical traditions in the world and has been declared by UNESCO an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

NARRATOR: Takemoto Oritayu
SHAMISEN: Tsuruzawa Seisuke
PUPPETEERS: Yoshida Seigoro and others

Tickets for the event, including Dinner and one drink, are 5,500 yen. Get your reservation in early!
Sign-up sheets will soon be full, so please make a reservation as soon as possible by phone 03 3211 3161 to the front desk or online http://www.fccj.or.jp.
Cancellations within 48 hours will result in a full charge. 

The Entertainment Committee



FCCJ 文楽の夕べ


特別公演 18:00‐19:15
食事 19:30-





太夫: 竹本織太夫
三味線: 鶴澤清介
人形遣い: 吉田清悟郎ほか

料金: 5,500 円 ディナー、飲み物1杯付(税込)
満席が予想されますので、お申し込みは今すぐ電話でフロントへ 03 3211 3161 またはOn-lineでどうぞ。http://www.fccj.or.jp