The Global War Against "Forever Chemicals"
Robert A. Bilott, Attorney and author

11:00-12:00 Friday, December 3, 2021
(The speech and Q & A will be in English and Mr. Bilott is joining this event online.)

Environmental crusader Robert Bilott once fought on the other side of the legal barricades. In his previous incarnation as a corporate lawyer, he defended chemical companies until his conscience was pricked by a West Virginia farmer whose land had been poisoned by run-off chemicals from a DuPont landfill. Bilott switched sides and battled for two decades, all the way to a successful class-action suit. His conversion is depicted in moving and dramatic detail in the 2019 movie Dark Waters, starring Mark Ruffalo and directed by Todd Haynes.

Bilott has now spent more than 30 years trying to expose the immense environmental costs of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as "forever chemicals". The chemicals are used in everything from solar panels to cosmetics and have been linked to a slew of serious health problems, including cancers. The New York Times Book Review described Bilott's best-selling book, Exposure, as a "David vs Goliath tale" that helped uncover the worst case of environmental contamination in history - "affecting virtually every person on the planet".

The FCCJ is honored to host this legendary campaigner, who will discuss the history of the discovery of worldwide forever chemical contamination, associated environmental and human health impacts, international regulatory and legislative responses, and the relevance of the story depicted in Dark Waters and Exposure. The same chemicals are beginning to be exposed in Japan, where they have been used most notably in American military bases in Okinawa and elsewhere.

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