Saturday Lunch with Shakespeare: "Tempest"
April 22, 2023
Doors open 11:45. Lunch from 12:00. The play will end by approximately 4.30 p.m.
Presenter: Stuart Varnam-Atkin

O, brave new world that has such people in it!
This ever popular play is a fascinating and enigmatic tale of magic, revenge, love and reconciliations that starts up with
a ship at sea apparently wrecked on a remote island during a violent storm.

The BBC version is directed by John Gorne and produced by Cedric Messina.
Key characters are Sir Michael Hordern as Prospero, Warren Clarke as Caliban and David Dixon as Ariel.. Gwyneth Lloyd plays Juno.

Ticket prices including lunch are 4,950 yen for members and 5,500 yen for non-members (tax inclusive).
There is a cash bar and drink tickets are available at the Front Desk.

Please make reservations through the Front Desk  03-3211-3161.
Cancellations after 6 p.m on April 18 will be charged in full.
Since Feb. 1st, Mandatory Mask Policy of this club has been relaxed and we will follow that decision.

Special Projects Committee

沙翁土曜午餐会: テンペスト
日本語字幕監修 東京大学名誉教授 小田島雄志
4月22日 (土)11:45-16:30 講師: 国際演出家 スチュアート・ヴァ―ナム-アトキン

妖精に命じて弟たちの乗る船を難破させるが はたしてその結末は?

会員価格は昼食込みで 4,950 円 非会員は5,500 円(税込み) になります。
4月18日 (火) 午後6時以降のキャンセルはフルチャージとなりますので御注意下さい。