Sunday Brunch Buffet: Italian Cuisine

Sunday, January 29 2023
12:00 p.m.-14:30 p.m.

We are going to restart FCCJ's Sunday Brunch on January 29th.

Although we are all still dreaming of sugar plum fairies, it is not too early to mark your calendar for the first Sunday Brunch of 2023 on January 29th, which begins at noon.

The theme will be the delectable dishes of Italy, and will revive an old Press Club tradition - the chef's especially hand-carved roast beef sliced for each participant.

Another Press Club Sunday Brunch tradition which continues will be a cake for members and their immediate family members celebrating a birthday during the month.

Members who wish to fete friends on their birthday can also order a cake for charge. Please inform the staff at least four days in advance to take advantage of these offerings.

There will be door prizes galore.

Prices are 5,500 yen for adults and 2,750 yen for children (4-14 years).  
Prices are inclusive of tax and infants (3 and under) are free of charge.  

Please make your reservation with the front desk at 03-3211-3161 or or online at as soon as possible.

Reservations cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will be charged in full.  
Reservations and cancellations are not complete without confirmation.

The Food and Beverage Committee


サンデーブランチブッフェ: イタリア料理
2023年1月29日 (日) 12:00-14:30

FCCJ サンデーブランチブッフェを1月29日に再開いたします。

FCCJサンデーブランチ伝統のローストビーフも 御用意してシェフ自ら切り分けて丁寧にサーブいたします。                    



大人5,500円、子供(4-14歳)2,750 円です。 料金は税込みで、幼児(3歳以下)は無料です。
ご予約は、お早めにフロント 電話 03-3211-3161 メール または
オンライン でお願いいたします。