September 2023 EXHIBITION: "Wildlife of the Kenyan Savanna"
Photos by Yasushi Onishi
September 2- September 29, 2023 (caution: ending a week earlier comparing notified date in the first notice)

© Yasushi Onishi

Thirty-four years ago, I visited the Masai Mara savanna in Kenya, East Africa for the first time. The wonders of this magical place immediately captured my imagination and I’ve been back to photograph the wildlife more than 40 times since. When I think of Masai Mara, I think of white clouds playfully floating in a deep blue sky, endless green grasslands, beautiful sunrises and mesmerizing sunsets, and of course the wild animals I enjoy photographing so much. The Corona pandemic kept me away from Africa for three and a half years, but I finally made it back this year and reconnected with the savanna and its wildlife. From my exhibit I hope you can feel their charm and maybe even be tempted to visit Kenya one day soon.


Born 1958 in Koganei City, Tokyo. Entered the world of photography through railway photography. Studied under wildlife photographer Kojo Tanaka. Started photographing automobile racing in 1986 and became a contract photographer for a racing magazine, before turning freelance. Wildlife photography is his life's work, mainly in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania). Official photographer for Super GT, Super Formula and TCRJ series.

Bruce Osborn (Exhibition Committee Chair)
Peter Lyon (Co-Chair)