Hanako Kishida, Deputy Chairperson, Minpo Roren Women's Caucus
Mami Yoshinaga, President, Shimbun Roren
Kawori Sakai, President, Shuppan Roren
Chie Matsumoto, Organizer, Women in Media Network Japan

11:00-12:00 Wednesday, February 10, 2021
(The speech and Q & A will be in English and Japanese with English interpretation)

The Yoshiro Mori Controversy and Sexism in the Japanese Media

A storm of criticism blew up last week over a sexist remark by Yoshiro Mori, president of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Other committee members reportedly laughed when Mori said that women "talked too much" in meetings. His statement reflects a wider problem that has contributed to Japan’s poor performance in global gender-gap rankings. The speakers believe that the Japanese media bears some of the responsibility for this state of affairs. There are virtually no women in senior executive positions in Japan's media industry. The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association and the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association have no women among their 45 and 53 members, respectively. There are just two women among the 40 members of the Japan Book Publishers Association, and one among the 21 members of the Japan Magazine Publishers Association. The speakers have filed a request with each of these industry bodies to appoint women in executive positions by establishing a quota system or to introduce a special framework that makes women more visible in their organisations. They believe these measures will enable the industry to start addressing deep-seated gender inequality in Japan’s media.

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