• The monthly pandemic recovery levy of 1,500 yen will be applied to all members in principle from April 1, 2024 until March 31, 2025
  • "Young" category members, on turning 40, will be charged full dues for their category
  • Diplomatic Associate membership requires a diplomat visa
  • Five-Year Associate membership is restricted to non permanent residents, and will incur a 300,000 yen extension fee to extend the membership beyond five years
  • Outside Kanto is defined as living and working predominantly outside of Tokyo-to, and Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Yamanashi prefectures
  • Application support guidance for Regular and Professional Associate Membership (pdf)


Regular Membership

Regular members are bona fide actively practicing foreign correspondents in Japan, or an actively practicing journalist having a significant past career as a foreign correspondent, or others having similar professional qualifications. The category of actively practicing foreign correspondents in Japan shall include persons of any nationalities engaged by foreign news organizations as correspondents.

Regular: Initiation fee 37,500 yen, deposit 40,000 yen, monthly dues 13,000 yen

Young Regular: Initiation fee 2,000 yen, deposit 20,000 yen, monthly dues 6,000 yen

Outside Kanto Regular: Initiation fee 2,000 yen, deposit 30,000 yen, monthly dues 6,000 yen


Associate Membership

Associate members are those who do not meet the requirements for Regular or Professional Associate membership, but are recognized by the Board of Directors as actively contributing to the objectives of the Club.

Associate: Initiation fee 400,000 yen, deposit 40,000 yen, monthly dues 17,500 yen

Diplomatic Associate: Initiation fee 75,000 yen, deposit 40,000 yen, monthly dues 17,500 yen

Five-Year Associate: Initiation fee 100,000 yen, deposit 40,000 yen, monthly dues 17,500 yen

Young Associate: Initiation fee 50,000 yen, deposit 40,000 yen, monthly dues 13,600 yen

Outside Kanto Associate, Initiation fee 50,000 yen, deposit 30,000 yen, monthly dues13,000 yen


Corporate Membership

Corporate Memberships consist of Associate members from the same organization and must maintain a minimum of two members. Corporate Memberships are available in five-year and ten-year terms, and may be extended in five-year or ten-year segments, regardless of the initial term. The initiation fee is a one-time requirement, individual Associate members within a Corporate Membership will not incur an initiation fee. Memberships may be transferred within the same organization and will incur a transfer fee.

Five-Year Term: Initiation fee 150,000 yen, extension fee 100,000 yen, transfer fee 50,000 yen

Ten-Year Term: Initiation fee 100,000 yen, extension fee 75,000 yen, transfer fee 50,000 yen

Associate Member: Deposit 40,000 yen, monthly dues 17,500 yen


Professional Associate Membership

Professional Associate members are actively practicing full or part-time in journalism or related fields (including academia), provided that Communication (including advertising and public relations) is not to be considered a related field and persons engaging in such work on a remunerated basis are ineligible to be a Professional Associate member.

Professional Associate: Initiation fee 37,500 yen, deposit 40,000 yen, monthly dues 13,000 yen

Young Associate: Initiation fee 2,000 yen, deposit 20,000 yen, monthly due 6,000 yen

Outside Kanto Associate: Initiation fee 2,000 yen, deposit 30,000 yen, monthly dues 6,000 yen

Guest Membership

Guest members are persons (non residents) on a brief visit to Japan.

  • Guest membership requires sponsorship by the Board or a Regular member.
  • Guest membership is limited to a period of thirty days, but may be extended twice for thirty days each time upon Board approval.
  • In the event a Guest membership is extended beyond the initial thirty days, the Guest member is required to pay retroactively one month’s dues for the first thirty-day period and shall also pay monthly dues in advance for each subsequent thirty-day period.
  • Guest Members must provide documentation to prove qualification.

For further information or support: Tel: 03-3211-3161 or email