House & Property

Chair: Khaldon Azhari
Deputy Chair: Taeko Nagayama

The House & Property Committee is one of the standing committees of the FCCJ, chaired by the first vice-president of the club. It deals with most aspects of our facility management, except for IT equipment.

Human Resources

Chair: Ilgin Yorulmaz
Deputy Chair: Taeko Nagayama

The Human Resources Committee assists the board and general manager regarding personnel and related matters, with the 2nd vice president as chair, understanding that all staff report to the general manager who implements all personnel policies and who reports to the board. The committee also acts as a grievance panel in staff disputes.


Acting Chair: Dave McCombs
Board Liaison: Dave McCombs

Assists the Board and General Manager regarding Club finances.

Membership Review

Chairs: Monzurul Huq, Randy Schmidt
Board Liaison: Randy Schmidt
Deputy Chair: Mehdi Bassiri

The Membership Committee considers all applications for all categories of membership of the Club. It conducts regular reviews of all memberships to ensure members' qualifications are consistent with their status. The committee is actively concerned in maintaining and increasing membership and liaises closely with the Membership Marketing Committee.

Membership Marketing

Chair/Board Liaison: Dave McCombs

To create  better understanding between the FCCJ and the public and undertake a broad range of activities to attract new members.

Public Relations/Communications

Chair: Campbell Hanley

Food & Beverage

Chairs: Taeko Nagayama (Chair), Ilgin Yorulmaz (Deputy Chair)
Board Liaison: TBD

The Food & Beverage Committee is dedicated to bringing the best in food and beverages to the Club, served at the Main Bar, the Pen and Quill, and the Masukomi Sushi Bar. 

Professional Activities (PAC)

Chairs: Tetsuo Jimbo, David McNeil
Board Liaison: Isabel Reynolds

The PAC Committee organizes press conferences and other events at the Club. Future events are decided by a group of working journalists that rotates every year.

Freedom of Press

Chairs: David McNeill, Ilgin Yorulmaz
Board Liaison: Ilgin Yorulmaz

The Freedom of Press Committee’s task is defined by Article 3 of the Articles of Association, which declares the FCCJ was established “to defend the freedom of the press and free exchange of information and, in so doing, to maintain and increase friendly relations and sympathetic understanding between Japan and other countries.

Library, Archives & Workroom

Chairs: Robert Whiting, Randy Schmidt
Board Liaison: Randy Schmidt
Deputy Chair: Bradley Martin

The Library Committee provides one of the most important services of the FCCJ-- organizing Book Break events on a monthly basis, inviting distinguished authors writing in English and Japanese, and compiling news resources and research.


Chair: Suvendrini Kakuchi
Deputy Chair: Birendre Jayathilake

The Entertainment Committee provides eclectic programs including cultural, musical, and educational offerings, as well as gourmet nights of international cuisine and sake tasting events that bring together and satisfy the divergent FCCJ membership.

Election (2023-2024)

Chair: TBA

The Election Committee acts as a neutral body to supervise all arrangements and procedures for the annual election, including verification of the eligibility of candidates, supervision of electioneering material, distribution of ballots in hard copy or electronically, provision of a ballot box or electronic voting mechanism, counting of ballots cast, and announcement of results.

DeRoy Memorial Scholarship Committee

Chairs: Martin Fackler, Suvendrini Kakuchi
Board Liaison: Suvendrini Kakuchi

The DeRoy Memorial Scholarship Committee advises the board on disposition of the Club's scholarship fund, organizes workshops for student with an interest in journalism, meets with students members of the FCCJ, holds a fundraising party and the DeRoy Memorial Scholarship Contest. We celebrate our anniversary each year to remind us of our beginnings and to raise money for the DeRoy Scholarship Fund which provides support for young aspiring journalists.

Associate Members Liaison

Chair: Simon Farrell
Board Liaison: Taeko Nagayama

The Associate Members Liaison Committee promotes the integration of the 1,600 Associate Members and Professional Associates with the main journalistic and professional activities of the Club. The transition to a Public Interest Association included the election in 2014 of three Associates to the Board of Directors to also widen the overall management expertise at the FCCJ.


Chairs: Karen Severns, Ilgin Yorulmaz
Board Liaison: Ilgin Yorulmaz

The Film Committee screens the only ongoing series of English/Japanese subtitled| sneak previews in Japan, a carefully curated lineup of award-winning films featuring hard-hitting social documentaries, hardcore indie releases and crowd-pleasing commercial titles, with a range of high-profile guests and invaluable filmmaker Q&A sessions.


Chair: Peter Lyon
Board Liaison: Milton Isa

The Exhibition Committee arranges a regular schedule of exhibitions for display in various areas of the Club.​​​​

Publications (No.1 Shimbun)

Chairs: Justin McCurry, Dave McCombs
Board Liaison: Dave McCombs

The Publications Committee is responsible to supervise Club publications in any format. The Club's primary publication is the Number 1 Shimbun – available in print and online – showcasing articles by members of the Club on everything from global politics to Club news and activities.

Information Technology (Web)

Chair: Yuusuke Wada

Oversees the non-web related tech, including POS, accounting, the membership Database, PCs, servers and networks.

Maintaining, updating and making improvements to the Club's website, in coordination with the Publications Committee.

Special Projects

Chairs: Haruko Watanabe, Kenji Obayashi
Board Liaison: Anthony Rowley

The Special Projects Committee organizes press and study tours, theater and museum visits, the Saturday Lunch with Shakespeare series and other events and activities not organized by other committees.

Ad hoc Committees


Chairs: Kunio Hamada, Randy Schmidt                   
Deputy Chair: Yoshio Murakami                    
Board Liaison: Randy Schmidt

This committee supports the club's compliance with the Koeki law, other laws governing the club, and the club's own rules.


Chairs: Edward Mears                 
Board Liaison: TBD

In the 21st century, any organization is strengthened by promoting a diverse membership. This committee is working to improve the diversity of the club's member base as well as to sponsor events that foster a dialogue in support of diversity.

Legal Communications Committee

Chairs: Khaldon Azhari
Deputy Chair: Dave McCombs

Satuday Night Live

Chairs: Sandra Mori, Dave McCombs
Board Liaison: Dave McCombs