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September 29, 2023

New Dining Era with ANAC and Masukomi Sushi Bar with BOS

Dear Members,

It is our pleasure to announce two exciting developments in the club's food and beverage services. On Oct. 2, ANA Catering Service will hold a Grand Opening to introduce its dining services in the main bar and Pen & Quill. The new concessionaire has agreed to serve all of the club favorites, while adding its own specialties to the menu. The wine list has been expanded along with the dessert menu.

Also on Oct. 2, BOS Partners will begin serving sushi and providing an exceptional dining experience at Masukomi Sushi Bar. Mr. Masahiko Ueda, CEO of BOS Partners, based in Tokyo, and "Sushi Sakaba Sushi ichi" in Tennozu Isle serves fine seafood dishes, including sushi. The Masukomi menu will include Kappo-style delicacies.

Please join us at the Oct. 2 Grand Opening to welcome these elite culinary professionals to our club and to enjoy the beginning of a new era of dining at the FCCJ.

Thank you,

Dave McCombs
Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan



ANAC/マスコミ寿司バー (BOS)


この度、当クラブの飲食サービスにおいて2つのエキサイティングな展開を発表できることを嬉しく思います。10月2日に、ANAケータリング・サービスがグランド・オープニングを行い、メイン・バーとペン&クイルでダイニング・サービスを開始いたします。 ANACは、これまでのクラブの人気メニューに加え、独自のスペシャルメニューを加えて下さいます。ワインリストもデザートメニューとともに拡大されます。





会長 デイブ・マッコムズ





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