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Expanded Dinner Menu as of December 9, 2022 (updated: Eng.& Jap. ver)


Reluctantly reviewed Correspondents' Lunch price and the change will take place on Tues., November 1, 2022. (pdf file / October 21, 2022)


Executive Chef Shimizu Tadaaki, the new head chef of FCCJ restaurant and bar service, is the proud owner of a Michelin star, gained during the 12 years he spent at the opulent and historic French restaurant La Tour d’Argent. Shimizu’s approach to cooking, honed over 45 years in the catering industry, includes using only the freshest ingredients and cooking every dish from scratch. “By following these rules my cuisine stands out for its perfect flavors,” he said. When you dine at the Main Bar, we're sure you'll agree!



Other key members of the team are Shimizu Tadahisa, a top sommelier (far left), general manager Champika Bandara (third from left) and, of course, Mohammed Hanif, the Main Bar's long-serving head waiter (far right).

Shimizu Sommelier is always on hand, ensuring that members and their guests are well-lubricated. Be sure to try his top wine picks.

Many members know Champika from the time he worked in the kitchen at the former club premises. Champika remembers members, too, and promises to revive many menu favorites.

Speaking of favorites, an exquisite hamburger, French onion soup, chicken basket, shrimp cocktail, tomato and mozzarella (Caprese) salad, and Press Club salad are already back on the evening menu, together with some new items such as a cheese platter.

Iron-Chef Shimizu recently expanded the menu to include steaks, lamb chops, steamed mussels, and many more selections.

In addition to the bargain three-course choices of meat or fish dinners for 1,450 yen (1,595 yen), steamed mussels in white wine sauce for 1,000 yen (1,100 yen), a course with three meaty lamb chops and fried onion rings, Sirloin steaks and other scrumptious items are recently added to the menu.

肉または魚のスペシャルディナーコース1,450 円(1,595 円)に加え、ムール貝の白ワイン蒸し1,000 円(1,100 円)、肉厚のラムチョップ(3本)とフライドオニオンリング添えのコースなどお得な3種類のコース、サーロインステーキなどが新たにメニューに加わりました。

Above photos ©FCCJ / JULIO SHIIKI

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