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Home, I’m Darling

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Lunch: 11:30-12:30 San Applause Mezzanine, Imperial Hotel (Doors open 11:20)
Play: 13:00-15:30 Theater Creation

The Break a Leggers Play, “Home, I'm Darling”, won the 2019 Laurence Olivier New Comedy Award  by showing aspects of sexism, feminism and gender balance of English society today by presenting the contrast between a couple who continue to live in a 1950’s American style and the current lifestyle of an executive English woman.  
Judy (played by Kyoka Suzuki), a perfect housewife, invites her husband Jonny’s boss Alex (Noriko Eguchi) for dinner at home. However, their unsuccessful gathering only reveals problems in their married life. How can they save their marriage?

Celebrating in advance the end of Corona-19 restrictions, tickets cost 16,500 yen per person including S seat and fabulous Special Lunch with choice of a glass of beer, wine, sake or soft drinks.

Only 20 seats are tentatively booked.
Please call the front desk  Tel: 03-3211-3161 for reservation.
No cancellations accepted.

Special Projects Committee


Home, I’m Darling 愛しのマイホーム

ランチ: 11:30-12:30 帝国ホテル中二階 讃アプローズ (11:20より入室可)
プレイ: 13:00-15:30 日比谷シアタークリエ


コロナ自粛明けを祈念してS席讃アプローズ (帝国ホテル中二階)のFCCJ特別昼食コース付会費1名16,500円
生ビール、赤白ワイン、なだ万 "鶴齢" 本醸造日本酒または ソフトドリンク1杯が含まれます。

お申し込みはフロント・デスク迄 御連絡下さい 03- 3211-3161 。なお予約のキャンセルはできませんので御注意願います。