Masterclass and Performance of Japanese Dance
Featured performers/lecturers: Kikunojo Onoe and Ippei Shigeyama

Experience the refined and ancient arts of Nihon buyo and kyogen with two renowned masters while enjoying a dinner.

18:00 - 20:30, Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Members: 7,700 yen
Non-members: 8,250 yen
Lecture includes consecutive English interpretation

The event will also be an occasion to announce the 15th annual Issei-kai joint theatre performance, due in August, with masters from the worlds of Kabuki, Noh and dance.

Masters Kikunojo and Ippei will discuss the origins and characteristics of Nihon buyo (traditional Japanese dance) and kyogen (traditional Japanese comedy). They will then perform "Sukeroku," which is about a man who embodies Edo chic, and "Uo sekkyo," a witty gem that brings seafood names into a sutra for fun with puns.

Profile: Kikunojo Onoe
As the fourth Iemoto of the Onoe school, he is Director of the Nihon Buyo Kyokai
Born in 1976, Kikunojo studied under his father, Kikunojo Onoe II (now Bokusetsu), from the age of two, and made his stage debut at the age of five. In 2011, he became the fourth Iemoto of the Onoe school and assumed the name Kikunojo Onoe III. He has organized his own recital, Onoe Kikunojo no Kai, as well as the Issei-kai with Kyogen actor Shigeyama Ippei. He has directed and choreographed various genres, including new Kabuki plays, Hanamachi dance, Takarazuka Revue, Shochiku Revue, and the ice-skating show "Hyoen.

Profile: Ippei Shigeyama
Kyogenkata Okura-style Noh performer/Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (General Certification)
Born in 1979, Ippei Shigeyama made his stage debut at the age of four as a child in Narihira Mochi. In 1994, he formed the Hanagata Kyogen Boys' Troupe with Munehiko and Shigeru. Since 2000, he has organized "TOPPA!", an educational group for the promotion and training of classical Kyogen theatre with Senzaburo, Shobo (now Sengoro), Munehiko, Shigeru, and Doji, and has appeared in the NHK TV series "Kyo, Futari", "Audrey", "Gochisousan", and many other stage and commercial productions.

18:00-19:30 Talk show/lecture starts, dinner and drink served
*Meal ends before the performance starts
19:30-19:45 Dance Nagauta "Sukeroku" by Kikunojo Onoe
19:45-20:00 Kyogen "Uo Sekkyo" by Ippei Shigeyama
20:00-20:30 Q&A + photo opportunities, networking/social time

Please RSVP at, or 03 3211-3161

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料金:会員 7,700 円(税込)非会員 8,250 円(税込)


尾上菊之丞 プロフィール

茂山逸平 プロフィール
また2000年より心・技・体、教育的古典狂言推進準備研修錬磨の会=「TOPPA!」を千三郎、正邦(現 千五郎)、宗彦、茂、童司と共に主催し、活動。

18:00-19:30 トークショースタート+飲食提供 
日本舞踊&助六/狂言&魚説経 / 逸青会について*合計〜50分+逐次通訳
19:30-19:45 舞踊 長唄『助六』尾上菊之丞
19:45-20:00 狂言 『魚説経』茂山逸平
20:00-20:30 Q&A+写真撮影など

御予約は, or 03 3211-3161 よりお願いいたします。


Associate Members Liaison Committee