A hunger strike with diplomatic implications
Vincent Fichot, French father   

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A French father who quit his job at Nomura to stage a hunger strike near the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo nearly two weeks is making an "all or nothing" bid to get access to his children.

Vincent Fichot, 39, is hoping that his actions will prompt action by French President Emmanuel Macron, who is expected to attend the opening ceremony on Friday, to put pressure on Japanese authorities to allow him -- and many other mothers and fathers, Japanese and foreign -- to see his kids.

Fichot, whose health is deteriorating, has been fighting a three-year battle with Japan's court system. He claims that Japan's divorce and separation proceedings are out of step with other developed nations as they do not recognize the concept of joint custody. 

Fichot will speak to the FCCJ via video link from the yoga mat he is living on outside Sendagaya station for the last 12 days.

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