"Government Rules Will Put Us Out of Business"
Maya Okamoto, Voice actor
Masuo Ueda, Anime Producer
Terumi Nishii, Animator
Kyoji Koto, Certified Public Tax Accountant

June 22, Thursday 14:00-15:00 (Press Conference)
(The speech and Q & A will be in Japanese with simultaneous interpretation)

Government Rules Will Put Us Out of Business, Say Cultural Producers
Manga artists are one of Japan's most famous exports, but they say a new government invoice system, set to begin this October, will drive many into bankruptcy. 

Introduced as part of tax reforms, the system tightens up qualifies invoices, where tax credits for Japanese consumption tax are applicable. Though promoted as a streamlining of the invoice system, many small businesses and freelance workers say it will drive them out of business.

A group of volunteers representing these workers, dubbed STOP INVOICE, is working together with other opponents of the changes, including activists concerned about the future of the anime and theatre industries, freelance editors, manga artists and voice actors.

They are concerned that the invoice system will decimate a wide range of occupations, including animators, voice actors, manga artists, theater people, musicians and designers who are contributing to Japan's proud arts and culture industry, as well as writers, authors, translators, interpreters, even builders and farmers. One survey said that 20% to 30% of animators, manga artists, voice actors and theater people could go bankrupt.

Opponents say many people still do not understand the details of the system, and this has led to a reduction of remuneration and elimination of transactions and in the worst cases to the closure of businesses, even before the system is enforced.

Public tax accountants' associations oppose the invoice system. In addition, more than 160 local councils in Japan have demanded its cancellation or postponement. Nevertheless, the government seems determined to push ahead and the mass media has done little critical reporting.

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