Friday, March 02, 2018, 12:00 - 13:30

Preventing Cryptocurrency Heists

Language: The speech and Q & A will be in English

This year another cryptocurrency exchange announced to the world that it had been the victim of a heist, the second major one in Japan, and the largest on record, with around $500 million stolen. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have thrived in recent years and Japan has opened its doors to them, riding that boom with yen-based trading representing as much as half of daily transactions.

A 2017 decision of the Japanese authorities to recognize Bitcoin and others as legitimate payment methods has spurred companies from electronic retailer Bic Camera to low-cost carrier Peach Aviation to announce they will start accepting the cryptocurrencies for payment. Major financial institutions are also getting involved.

The extraordinary surge of Bitcoin prices last year, along with other cryptocurrencies, has created many new millionaires, but has also made it more lucrative for hackers to break into exchanges and steal currencies. A lack of security standards in the industry for cryptocurrencies could slow its growth and the spread of other blockchain uses that could transform our society.

Enter Mike Belshe, a veteran technologist who helped create Google Chrome and invented the protocols at BitGo, whose customers include the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions that conduct more than $12 billion in transactions monthly. He also helped found the Crypto Currency Security Standard (CCSS), a security standard for cryptocurrencies embraced by Deloitte and PwC. He is visiting Japan ahead of the formal launch of services here in April 2018 and will talk about the situation in the U.S., problems in Japan and how to separate Bitcoin and blockchain.

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