Sake Dinner Kai: Japanese Cuisine and Sake Pairing
5:30pm - 8:30pm Saturday, April 20, 2024

Masukomi Sushi Bar operator BOS Group is pleased to present the "Sake Dinner Kai." Featuring quintessential Japanese cuisine paired with only the finest sake from across the country, the first in this series will be held on April 20.image-20240415184858-1

Masukomi Sushi Bar manager and Itamae (sushi chef) Tadaaki Odajima teams up with club member Takeshi Komazawa, CEO of Sakura Sake Shop, to create an exquisite menu of seven seasonal dishes paired with a range of premium sake. To whet your appetite, the selection features Hakurakusei, a multiple award-winning sake from Niizawa Brewery, which has risen to the pinnacle of the sake world despite being completely destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. In addition, a unique sparkling sake from Gifu Prefecture which undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle using yeast typically used for German white wine, will also be showcased. A portion of proceeds will be donated for Taiwan earthquake relief.

Just a few seats remain available at this premium event (the price is 15,000 yen per person, tax included), please make your reservation directly with BOS Group by email and provide your membership number, full name, email address and number of reservations. Please note the reservation cancellation deadline has passed.

日本酒会 日本酒と寿司会席のペアリング・ディナー
土曜 4月20日 5時30分- 8時30分


店長であり板前でもある小田嶋 忠昭氏が、クラブ会員であるさくら酒店代表の駒澤 健氏とタッグを組み、季節の料理7品と銘酒のペアリングで皆様をお迎えいたします。

参加費は、お一人様15,000 円(税込)、予約受付可能な席数は残りわずかになっております。
御予約は会員番号、お名前、メールアドレス、予約数を明記の上、こちらのメールアドレス までお願いいたします。

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