Saturday Lunch, Lecture and Film
Author and narrator Stuart Varnam-Atkin discusses Shakespeare's TITUS ANDRONICUS,
followed by a screening of the acclaimed BBC television production of the play
April 20, 2024

*Please note new times! Doors open 11:30; Lunch 11:45; Talk 12:35-13:15. DVD viewing 13:25-16:45.
(Dessert and coffee will be served during an intermission.)

"I'll find a day to massacre them all, And raze their faction and their family"

Titus Andronicus is Shakespeare's experimental attempt at revenge tragedy. The thought-provoking melodrama counts 15 deaths, 9 of which happen on stage. It has been called a "B-movie, gorefest masterpiece. Think Kabuki, Macbeth, King Lear, Hamlet, Kill Bill, and The Godfather - it can be tough going for the audience. Be prepared! Largely ignored for centuries, it was revived in the 20th century with themes relevant to a chaotic and brutal world: revenge, violence, race, evil, women’s suffering, grief, family values…

"Titus is not mad or a monster. What happens to him is monstrous…
He stares into the pit of horrors." (Sir Anthony Hopkins, 1999)

The play that'll be screened is part of the BBC Shakespeare Series, broadcast in 1983. It was directed by Jane Howell. Titus is played by Trevor Peacock (Jim Trott in The Vicar of Dibley); Queen Tamora by Dame Eileen Atkins (The Dresser, Gosford Park); Marcus by Edward Hardwicke (Dr. Watson); and Lavinia by Anna Calder-Marshall (Cordelia in Olivier's King Lear).
The fictional Roman general Titus returns in triumph from a brutal 10-year war having lost 21 sons in battle. Betrayed by his nation, and with his family in pieces, Titus seeks justice the only way he knows how - tooth for tooth and limb for limb. He and Tamora, Queen of the Goths, begin a violent cycle of revenge. Rape, cannibalism, mutilation and murder are Shakespeare’s gruesome tools derived from classical sources, particularly Ovid and Seneca.

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The Special Projects Committee

沙翁土曜午餐会 (シェークスピアランチ会): タイタス・アンドロニカス
日本語字幕監修 東京大学名誉教授小田島 雄志
4月20日 (土) 11:45-16:45
講師: スチュアート・ヴァーナム アトキン


会費4,950 円 (会員) 5,500 円 (非会員)。
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