Saturday Lunch with Shakespeare: "Timon of Athens"
June 24, 2023
Doors open 11:45. Lunch from 12:00. The play will end by approximately 4.30 p.m.
Presenter.: Paul Snowden

Jazz Music for Timon
The famous jazz musician Duke Ellington composed 20 pieces of occasional orchestral jazz music to accompany a performance of Timon of Athens at Stratford, Ontario, in 1963. Its success was repeated at the same theatre in 1991, and again at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1999. Listen to Stuart Varnam-Atkin’s CD over lunch.

Timon of Athens is a play written by William Shakespeare and probably a collaborator, about 1606.  Wealthy Timon lavishes his fortune on ungrateful companions until he is destitute and subsequently ignored. He then rejects mankind himself and goes to live in a forest cave, where he discovers a cache of gold. Although this would solve his debt problem, he spurns the treasure as a symbol of ingratitude.

The BBC version is directed and produced by Jonathan Miller. Key characters are Jonathan Pryce as Timon. His loyal servant Flavius is played by John Welsh. John Bird is Painter, and a casting surprise is 1960's glamour girl Diana Dors as Timandra.

Ticket prices including lunch are 4,950 yen for members and 5,500 yen for non-members (tax inclusive). There is a cash bar and drink tickets are available at the Front Desk.
Please make reservations through the Front Desk 03-3211-3161/
Cancellations after 6 p.m on June 20 will be charged in full.
Please cooperate with the Club's Covid-19 prevention measures and wear a mask.

The Special Projects Committee

日本語字幕監修 東京大学名誉教授小田島 雄志
6月24日(土) 11:45-16:30 講師 早稲田大学名誉教授 ポール・スノードン


会費税込み 4,950 円 (会員) 5,500 円 (非会員)。
お申し込みはフロントデスクまで 電話 03-3211-3161 E-mail
6月20日 (火) 18:00以降のキャンセルはフル・チャージとなります。