It's Saturday Nite Live is on Friday, May 28th! (NO RESERVATION REQUIRED)

Taku Yaumi (Pianist/Composer/Arranger) started playing jazz piano while studying at the University of Minnesota, where he had the good fortune to play with the likes of Curtis Fuller and some of the Woody Herman band’s members. Returning to everyday work life in Japan, Taku was led back to music 20 years later when given the opportunity to perform with a Yamaha School Big Band, where he also first met vocalist Asako Oshida.

Asako Oshida (Vocalist/Aromatherapist) started her vocal career as a gospel singer 20 years ago, in addition to her daily engagement in promoting and teaching aromatherapy for anti-aging, has a natural and beautiful voice. Asako has been actively singing at various venues such as the Yamaha Gospel Concert at Tokyo International Forum and her own concerts.  

A promising jazz bassist in Japan, Toshiyuki Kodaka fills out the group.  

A delicious three course dinner for ¥1,450., and a selection of appetizers and beverages without alcohol will be served.

And remember, it's free. No cover charge. No music charge.  You just can't beat SNL for an exciting, entertaining night out in Tokyo.


The Entertainment Committee