July 2023 Exhibition: Oyako Shashin Matsuri
July 1- August 4, 2023

©Anne-Francoise Tasnier

The OYAKO Shashin Matsuri is in commemoration of OYAKO Day, which takes place on the fourth Sunday of July each year. This is the 4th time to hold this exhibition by the following photographers at the FCCJ depicting various scenes of parents and children in locations  around the world.

Mark Edward Harris                                
Noriko Hayashi                                        
Mark Higashino
Itaru Hirama                                        
Taishi Hirokawa                                        
Taizo Ichinose
Lenka Klicperová                                    
Daisuke Kumakiri                                    
Shigeki Miyajima
Masashi Mitsui                                        
Yulia Nevskaya
Junya Nishigawa                                        
Bruce Osborn                                            
Fahad Rai                                        
Kyo Shimizu                                        
Junji Takasago                                        
Anne-Francoise Tasnier                        
Ada Trillo
Tsunehiro Takakuwa                                     
Wusa Wuli                                        
Herbie Yamaguchi

The bond that parents make with their child becomes the building block for all future relationships. A child raised in an environment where it is encouraged to thrive, becomes a guide map on how to live and find solutions. Complicated family ties are often blamed for problems and social issues later in life. As a society, we need to take more responsibility on raising the next generations as a step towards resolving poverty, conflicts, environment damage, and other global challenges. The love between a parent and child is a universal language and transcends borders, cultures and religions!

In addition to the photographers in this exhibition, we would like to express our gratitude to The Month of Photography, PSJ (Photographic Society of Japan), Tsuburaya Pro, OYAKO Day Planning Committee, DAC Group, Mainichi Newspaper, and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
Special thanks to Shinji Mori (Nikon Imaging) and Tatsuo Ito (Photographers Associates Tokyo)

Bruce Osborn (Exhibition Chair)
Peter Lyon (Co-Chair)