New Year Ballet of New National Theatre of Japan
"'Still Life' at the Penguin Café" /"Theme and Variations"
Saturday, January 15, 2022

12:30-13:30 Lunch at Restaurant Maestro (3rd floor, New National Theatre, Tokyo)
14:00-15:45 Ballet at Opera Palace (New National Theatre, Tokyo)

Miyako Yoshida, Artistic Director of Ballet & Dance, has brought the delightful opening for the start of 2022.
Saho Shibayama and Takafumi Watanabe are scheduled to dance in “Theme and Variations” by the legendary George Balanchine while Yui Yonezawa, Shun Izawa and Yudan Fukuoka will perform the charming and satirical masterpiece “Still Life at the Penguin Café” by David Bintley who is former Artistic Director of the New National Theatre.

Tickets including the fabulous pre-theater lunch at the Restaurant Maestro with a glass of wine, beer or soft drinks: 15,500 yen per person.
Please call the front desk for reservation 03 3211-3161.
Only 20 seats are tentatively booked with the deadline December 15, 2021.
Please be aware that no cancelations are accepted in this reservation.

Special Projects Committee


新国立劇場バレエ団 ニューイヤー・バレエ

12:30-13:30 レストラン・マエストロ (新国立劇場内3F)
14:00-15:45 オペラ パレス (新国立劇場)

皮肉は鋭いけれども可愛い動物が溢れるデイヴィッド・ビントレイの"ペンギン・カフェ"には 福岡雄大、米沢唯、井沢駿など新国立劇場バレエ団のトップ・ダンサーたちが活躍します。

観劇希望者はフロントデスクまでお申し込みください。電話 03-3211-3161
定員は厳正先着順20名まで 締切りは12月15日です。