Q&A guests: Director Kaizo Hayashi and star Shiro Sano

The Film Committee’s final screening event of 2020 - our final screening event of the tumultuous 2010s, in fact — returned the audience to perhaps the decade’s biggest story, at least in Japan: the Fukushima disaster.

Q&A guest: Director Macoto Tezka

The day after Tezuka’s Barbara received the Golden Bat for Best Film at the 40th Fantafestival in Rome, Macoto Tezka appeared at FCCJ to discuss his prizewinning work.

Q&A guests: Director Koji Fukada, TIFF Festival Chairman Hiroyasu Ando and TIFF Selection Committee member Kohei Ando

The Film Committee has been collaborating on annual special screening events with the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) for a decade or more, but in this very challenging year, it feels more important than ever.

Q&A guests: Director Takeshi Fukunaga and actor Debo Akiba

Like many nations with colonial pasts, Japan once deployed a policy of forced assimilation, economic and social discrimination, even family separation against its indigenous Ainu people — almost completely erasing their culture and identity.

Q&A guests: Director Ryota Nakano and photographer Masashi Asada

It’s the rare Japanese director who can balance humor and pathos with the dexterity demonstrated by Ryota Nakano.