We all know now that climate change is very much "for real" – and the question on many people's lips is, can we slow the process down sufficiently or quickly enough to prevent a climate disaster, or is it too late?

But there is another critical question which is crying out to be answered and that is, who will pay for the massive rescue operation that earth's climate needs? Without the needed funds, the rescue will not happen.

In his latest book "Who Will Pay to Save the Planet? The $100 Trillion Question" (published by Nova Science Publishers in New York, 2022) journalist and author Anthony Rowley argues that the sums just do not add up when it comes to what is needed and what is available for tackling this truly existential problem. 

We have been deceived into believing that 'soft' solutions such as ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) investing, "Green Bonds" or the $100 trillion supposedly "committed" by private financial institutions during last November's COP 26 global climate summit in Glasgow will take care of the mega-financing needs. The hard truth is different. 

Nothing short of a globally-coordinated and concerted effort by governments, multilateral development banks (like the World Bank) and the world's biggest private financial institutions – a kind of new Marshall Plan – can hope to mobilize the financial and other resources needed for Operation Climate Rescue. In a fracturing global economy such an operation is looking increasingly unlikely.

Anthony Rowley is a long-established journalist and author, specialized in economic and financial affairs. He is a former Business Editor and International Finance Editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review and former Field Editor (Japan) at Oxford Analytica. Prior to moving to Asia – where he has spent some 40 years working in Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo –, he worked on The Times newspaper in London. 

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