Kamakura rose as the first samurai capital in the 12th century. Shogun Yoritomo chose for the seat of his military government a natural fortress far from the intrigues of the court in Kyoto. He summoned from the capital carpenters to build grand temples and sculptors to carve images for their halls. His successors, the Hojo, erected the great Zen monasteries Kencho-ji and Engaku-ji. Nichiren, Ippen, Ninsho and other holy men established in the new city temples of their sects of Buddhism. Courtiers journeyed to the shogunal capital to worship at its celebrated temples and to wonder at its martial ethos. 

Kamakura: A Contemplative Guide introduces the dramatic and often violent lives of these figures and walks you through shrine and temple precincts, illuminating the features of their halls, gardens, and statuary. It takes you over the passes cut sheer through rock to give entrance to the city. It shows Kamakura through the eyes of writers drawn by the history, temples, and temperate climate of a city only an hour from their editors in Tokyo. Rare photographs complement the text. Lucid maps pinpoint places of interest. Finally, Kamakura: A Contemplative Guide explains how the establishment of the first samurai capital was significant in the formation of Japan. 

In this Book Break, Burritt Sabin will explain why go to Kamakura and ways to see the former medieval capital once you get there. 

Burritt Sabin first came to Japan as a naval officer in 1975 and has lived there ever since. He later embarked on a career in journalism, writing columns for the Asahi Shimbun and Japan Times. He is the author of A Historical Guide to Yokohama: Sketches of the Twice-Risen Phoenix.

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