Book Break : Eiichiro Tokumoto, author of “The Emperors’ Files (エンペラー・ファイル)”
Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 18:15 - 20:3010212020 Book Break  Eiichiro

A new book, The Emperors’ Files, by author and investigative journalist, Eiichiro Tokumoto, presents unpublicized behind-the-scene stories of Japan's past two and current emperors in the Showa, Heisei and Reiwa eras, and the colorful characters who surrounded them.

In the spring of 2007, through a chance encounter, Tokumoto obtained 20 audio cassettetapes containing recorded diaries of Hideki Masaki, the Emperor Hirohito’s longtime interpreter. Among the book’s revelations is that Hirohito continued to be politically active despite his role as a “symbol” of the state under Japan’s post-war Constitution. From visiting foreign statesmen and diplomats, he resolutely sought out intelligence about international affairs. Interestingly, the Showa Emperor was offered assistance by a former agent of America’s wartime intelligence service, OSS, and a Japanese right-wing fixer. The book also tackles the question ofwhat advice Hirohito obtained from a member of the House of Hapsburg, a principal sovereign dynasty in Europe.

Other areas in the book include the western influence on then-Crown Prince Akihito, who visited the United States in 1953 and viewed the Hollywood film "Roman Holiday" and was a guest at the Rockefeller's family ranch. These experiences opened his eyes to the freedom to make his own choices. How did that influence his activities when he became Emperor in 1989? Tokumoto also writes about the impact made on Emperor Naruhito who studied at Oxford University that mayalso influence the Reiwa era.

Based on years of research, personal interviews and incorporating numerous declassified documents in Japan and abroad, Tokumoto provides a new and revealing portrait of the epic story of Japan's Imperial family – spanning the period of the Second World War to the present day – against the dramatic backdrop of international politics.

The Emperors’ Files was published by Bungeishunju in February 2020 in Japanese.

Tokumoto is a native of Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. Among his books in Japanese are several works ofnon-fiction, Eikoku Kimitsu Fairu no Showa Tenno (“Emperor Hirohito in Secret British Files”) (2007) and 1945 Nihon Senryo ( “1945: Under the Shadow of the Occupation”) (2011), and a novel, Rinkai (“Going Critical”) (2014).




著者 徳本栄一郎


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