The essays that comprise Cipangu, Golden Cipangu were originally published in the Japan Times, in the monthly Japanese history column, ‘The Living Past’. They range in time from Jomon to yesterday, forming together (the author hopes) a portrait of a nation simultaneously ancient and modern.

To quote from the preface:

“So rapid is our ‘progress,’ if that’s what it is, that the past is in danger of vanishing. Is it worth preserving?The Living Past column, and this book, were born of the conviction that it is.”

The topic of this Book Break is “The Strangest World in the World.” There are two, actually. One is the world we live in – this, here, now. The other? Heian Japan. To escape the one, we visit the other.

The Heian Period (794-1185) is a span of 400 years in which – this is almost true – nothing happens. No war, little change, the masses silent, the aristocracy exclusive. Its culture was exquisite, and yet it was a closed culture – closed to the outside world, which scarcely existed, and closed to Japan’s own lower classes, who were frankly and unashamedly regarded as comically subhuman.

Closed? Stifling, we would say today; choking.

And yet this tiny, distant, hushed, artificial, all-but-motionless world-within-a-world-within-a-world gave birth to first novel in history of world literature, an innovation with which Europe, usually given the credit, would not catch up for 500 years. The Tale of Genji is not only the world’s first novel, it ranks even now, 1000 years later, as one of the best. It’s a miracle, a mystery. Would Japan be Japan without the Tale of Genji? Diminished, for sure.

Hoffman’s other books include In the Land of the Kami: A Journey Into the Hearts of Japan; Fuji, Sinai, Olympos; and the short fiction collection Other Worlds

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