Friday, March 13, 2020, 18:15 - 20:30

Postponed: Flamenco Night at FCCJ: Flamenco in all its Glory

This event has been postponed.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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Flamenco Night at FCCJ: Flamenco in all its Glory

Friday March 13, 2020 6:30p.m.-20:30 (Doors Open 6:15p.m.)

Flamenco in all its glory enhanced with famed Japanese artist Ken Nagata's expertise in engaging other cultures and venues with his creativity. Ken has taken his group throughout Japan where they have danced in temples and shrines, in the desert dunes, in the natural disaster hit areas and near ancient tombs and even lived it up with the Namahage demons of the Oga Peninsula.
Nagata has integrated Japanese history and culture with the passion of flamenco hoping to spread his flamenco over the world.

We at the FCCJ will have the opportunity to experience Nagata's creativity first hand. Participants can also garner a few hands on pointers through Nagata's expertise.

Born in German in 1973. Ken Nagata began Flamenco in Tokyo in 1999 while working as an investment banker. Turning point came when he was studying MBA at Cornell University where he decided to pursue his career as a flamenco dancer. Leaving the course and the firm, he flew to Madrid, Spain and studied at "Amor de Dios" for 2 years. Ken Nagata won the prize in Asociacion Nipona de Flamenco contest in 2013, receiving unanimous vote for the first time in its history; highly evaluated for his approach in bringing together traditional-elegant style and contemporary style.

Ken Nagata made an autobiographical PV "Flamenco in the Rain" in 2015. The video was screened at Japan Expo Paris for its high quality and unique story. In 2nd video "Samurai x Flamenco"(2018) he challenged the fusion of Japanese and Spanish culture using wooden sword and baston (stick). In 2019, he made a tour all over Japan for his 3rd project: Kimono Sevillanas which he shot and produced himself.

Tickets including Sit downdinner are: 4,500 yen (4,950 yen inc. tax)
This exciting presentation promises to be a sell out so get your reservations in early.
Please reserve in advance so we may make the appropriate preparations (03-3211-3161 or
Reservations canceled less than 72hours in advance will be charged in full. Reservations and cancellations are not complete without confirmation.

Entertainment Committee


-延期- フラメンコナイト

ご迷惑をおかけすることをお詫びするとともに、皆様のご理解とご 協力に感謝いたします。



FCCJ フラメンコナイト

2020年 3月13日 (金) 18時30分- 20時30分(受付 18時15分-)


「日本に恋した、フラメンコ」 完成動画のご紹介と素晴らしいダンサーの永田氏によるパフォーマンスそして彼の指導でフラメンコを体験できるイベントを皆様にご紹介いたします。

1973年ドイツ生まれ。1996年大和証券入社。2000年に同社より米国にMBA留学するもフラメンコの情熱に魅せられて中退・退社してスペイン、マドリ―に2年間留学。2013年に日本フラメンコ協会 新人公演にて史上初めて審査委員満票で奨励賞を受賞。
自伝的PV作品「Flamenco in the Rain」を2015年に制作。推薦作品としてジャパン・エキスポ(パリ)でも上映された。また和と洋の対比と融合を描いた第2作、「Samurai x Flamenco」 を2018年に制作(ともにYouTube公開)。2019年には第3弾PV「日本に恋した、フラメンコ」制作・撮影のため、1年かけて全国横断のツアーに出る(2020年1月 公開)。

料金: 4,500 円 ディナー付き (税込み 4,950 円)
満席が予想されますので、お申し込みは今すぐ電話でフロントへ03-3211-3161またはOn-lineでどうぞ。( )