Friday, March 06, 2020, 18:15 - 20:30

Postponed: Year 2020 Sake Night

This event has been postponed.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Entertainment Committee


Year 2020 Sake Night
Friday March 6, 2020 6:30p.m.₋20:30 p.m. (Doors Open 6:15p.m.)

Sake Lovers AHOY!
FCCJ invites you to enjoy Sake from all over Japan.
With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics approaching, we have taken this opportunity to
promote Japanese sake culture to the world by hosting FCCJ Sake Night 2020.
While the increasing number of foreigners visiting Japan has allowed Japanese people more opportunities to
communicate with those from other countries, we are tasked with how to help promote Japanese sake abroad
while still protecting its traditional culture. Thus, we decided to share true Japanese sake culture with the world.

Participating Sake-Kura;
Asabiraki Sake Brewery (Iwate),
Saura Co Ltd. (Miyagi),
Daishichi Sake Brewery (Fukushima),
Katoukichibee Shouten (Fukui),
Tamanohikari Sake Brewery (Kyoto),
Daimon Brewery (Kyoto),
Sawanotsuru Co Ltd. (Hyogo),
Asahi Shuzo (Yamaguchi),
Sudohonke co Ltd. (Ibaraki).

Tickets including buffet dinner and sake are: 4,500 yen (4,950 yen inc. tax)
Get your reservations in early. This promises to be sell-out.

Please reserve in advance so we may make the appropriate preparations ( 03-3211-3161 or
Reservations cancelled less than 72hours in advance will be charged in full.
Reservations and cancellations are not complete without confirmation.

Entertainment Committee


-延期-Year 2020 酒ナイト

ご迷惑をおかけすることをお詫びするとともに、皆様のご理解とご 協力に感謝いたします。


Year 2020 酒ナイト
2020年3月6日(金) 18時30分- 20時30分 (受付18時15分-)

「FCCJ Sake Night 2020」 を日本外国特派員協会にて開催いたします。


料金:4,500 円(4,950 円 税込み)ブッフェ料理と日本酒付
満席が予想されますので、お申し込みは今すぐ電話でレセプションデスクへ 03 3211 3161またはOn-lineでどうぞ。
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