Comfort Women and Sex in the Battle Zone
Ikuhiko Hata; Jason Michael Morgan (trans.)
Hamilton Books
Gift from Yoshiko Sakurai

The Private Diplomacy of Shibusawa Eiichi: Visionary Entrepreneur and Transnationalist of Modern Japan
Masahide Shibusawa; The Center for International Communication (trans.)
Renaissance Books
Gift from Masahide Shibusawa

Colonizing Language : Cultural Production and Language Politics in Modern Japan and Korea
Christina Yi
Columbia University Press EBSCO*

Reinventing Japan: New Directions in Global Leadership
Martin Fackler and Yoichi Funabashi (ed.) Praeger
Gift from Martin Fackler

Target: Business Wisdom from the Ancient Japanese Martial Art of Kyudo
Jérôme Chouchan
LID Publishing
Gift from Jérôme Chouchan

Target: Godiva wa naze uriage nibai o gonenkan de tassei shitanoka?
ターゲット:ゴディバはなぜ売上2倍を5年間 で達成したのか?
Jérôme Chouchan
Takahashi Shoten
Gift from Jérôme Chouchan

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