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Justin McCurry

The coronavirus pandemic and fallout from the Olympics have coloured so much of the coverage of the Tokyo Paralympics that it is easy to overlook the important message behind the event. Michael Peckitt, who writes a blog about disability in Japan, attempts to redress the balance with a piece on the legacy of the Paralympics, followed by Monzurul Huq on what Tokyo 2020 says about the state of inclusivity in Japan. You will notice changes have been made to the format of the Number 1 Shimbun. We hope the new-look magazine is not only more inviting but will also make it easier to share stories on social media. That said, an improved online presence will mean little without engaging, eclectic content of the kind you will struggle to find in other English-language publications in Japan. Our publication is a broad church – a forum for everything from features on contemporary Japan and the country’s media landscape, to more personal takes on our job as journalists and, of course, news about the FCCJ and its talented, diverse membership. Please do pitch!

Photo: Paralympic flame, AUGUST 24, 2021: Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by YUTAKA/AFLO SPORT)